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Psychiatric Services and Wellness Plans

We are not in-network with any health insurance plans.  Our fees are outlined below.  If you are interested in becoming a new patient, click the "new patient" button at the bottom of the page, complete the information, and we will be in contact.  We look forward to working with you!

Integrative Psychiatry Services
Bengi Melton, M.D.

The scope of Integrative Psychiatry services includes traditional psychiatric medication management for a range of mental health concerns including moderate to severe illness states, eclectic psychotherapeutic approaches, lab evaluation, genetic testing, lifestyle interventions, health coaching, and complementary and alternative approaches to psychiatric treatment.

Initial Assessment
60 minutes

All initial appointments with Dr. Melton will cover past medical, psychiatric, family and social histories as well as current areas of concern to create a shared understanding and focus in treatment.  

Psychotherapy Appointment

Psychotherapy appointments are 50 minutes in length and can be accomplished alone or in combination with medication management.

Medication Management

Medication management appointments are up to 30 minutes in length and will be required intermittently as long as medications are prescribed.

Functional Medicine and Wellness Services
Monique Baumann, FNP-C & Megan Vardeman, PA-C

Functional health and wellness services include a deeper dive into functional medicine and specialty lab testing, assessment of various physical and mental health complaints for interrelatedness (especially clusters of vague symptoms), more extensive nutritional, health, and lifestyle coaching, targeted recommendations for IV nutrition and supplementation, and traditional psychiatric medication management for mild illness.

Integrative Medicine & Wellness Intake
60 minutes

This is a one hour discovery session which includes a comprehensive health intake and initial recommendations for further testing or first steps in treatment. After this session, we can establish you as a member or you can choose to continue to follow-up intermittently at your own pace.

Wellness Plan Memberships
Basic $99/mo
Premium $250/mo

All memberships include monthly scheduled 15 minute follow-up calls with their provider for ongoing coaching and direction between scheduled appointments, as well as additional discounts on supplements.  Memberships can be cancelled or adjusted at any time.

The Basic allows for a 1-hour session every 12 weeks.

The Premium allows for a 1-hour session every 4 weeks.

We will order labs and prescribe medications, as appropriate. All labs and medications/supplements are paid for by the patient separately and are not included in the monthly fee.

60 minute Follow-up

All patients can purchase additional 1 hour sessions on an as needed basis, whether enrolled in a membership plan, or not.

Psychotherapy Services

Psychotherapy comes in many forms.  All therapeutic processes build upon a strong alliance between you and your therapist--a foundation of trust, mutual understanding, and shared focus.

Bengi Melton, M.D. works primarily in DBT skills within an expressive-supportive framework.  She can provide therapy in combination with medication management, or independently of it.

$250 per session

We also provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, which you can learn more about here.

Water Ripple

Comprehensive Integrative Assessment

This integrative assessment allows us the most complete introduction to your physical and mental wellness needs, to ensure we are beginning your treatment with a firm foundation.  It includes:

  • 1-hour psychiatric assessment with Dr. Bengi Melton.

  • 1-hour integrative and functional medicine assessment with our functional medicine specialist.

  • "Behind the scenes" time for collaborative conference and care coordination.

  • 1-hour joint session with Dr. Melton and your functional medicine provider for direct feedback and treatment planning.  

  • Standard and specialty lab testing according to your individualized needs.

  • 90-minute follow-up session with your functional provider to review the results of your testing and implement a comprehensive wellness plan based on the results.

The cost of this comprehensive assessment is $2550

Image by Leonardo de Assis

"This practice is going to help a lot of people. The amazing ladies who run it are experienced in a wide array of medicine...this includes promotion of gut health, lab testing to discover sensitivities, balancing diet, etc. What was once considered new age is now essential in our daily health."


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