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An Integrative Wellness Clinic

Your Wellness Practice, PLLC specializes in complete integrative care. From integrative mental health care to general wellness, your health and healing is our top priority. Schedule an appointment today to begin your journey towards wellness! 


"We seek to understand you as a whole individual, why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, how your symptoms are interconnected, and how they link, on a deeper level, to a core process. What is the nature of your unique imbalance, and how can we correct it?"


-Dr. Kriste Babbitt

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Our goal is to uncover the root cause of your symptoms or clinical disease. We utilize specialized lab testing to help us dig deeper and get you on the path to healing.

Common tests we order include:

  • Adrenal function assessments

  • Evaluation of inflammatory markers

  • Assessment for toxic environmental exposures including heavy metals and mold

  • Stool testing for microbiome and general gut health

  • Food sensitivity testing

  • Micronutrient testing

  • Comprehensive thyroid assessment

  • Comprehensive metabolic analysis (Organic Acid Testing)

  • Genetic testing


The food you eat forms the foundation of your health and wellness. It can also lead to illness and disease. You will begin to learn the building blocks of healthy eating to optimize both macronutrients and micronutrients. 

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We will create a supplement plan that is unique to your needs to support optimal health and nutrition. When appropriate, we will prescribe and manage traditional pharmaceuticals.

We are skilled in managing cross-tapers with psychiatric medications to broad-spectrum micronutrients.


We take a comprehensive look at your lifestyle and personal habits in order to provide counseling and make modification recommendations. Optimizing sleep and movement play an important role in your overall health.

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IV Nutritional Therapy and Ketamine Infusions

We're excited to now be offering IV Nutritional therapy and ketamine infusions!

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I attended PA school in West Texas at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, I graduated with my Master's degree in 2012. I began practicing medicine in 2013. My practice initially started in Internal Medicine and Primary Care, which gave me a good foundation in identifying and recognizing disease states. My time in Internal Medicine was very valuable as I saw patient after patient come to me with similar complaints: fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, weight gain, anxiety, depression, etc. My approach was always the same: order the "standard" set of labs and tests. Occasionally, abnormalities would pop up, but more often than not these tests would be normal. I was left feeling helpless, knowing my patient's symptoms were real, but not being able to have the tools or the time to uncover the root cause. This frustration led me to leave primary care all together. After this, I spent nearly five years in pediatrics, where I developed a love for caring for children in vulnerable states.  

Ultimately, I am so grateful for the experiences I have had during my initial 8+ years of practicing medicine. The realities I encountered during those initial years led to my passion to look further and to recognize that the deep answers lie outside of traditional medicine. Kriste and I began chatting over breakfast one morning about these frustrations and the initial concept of YWP was born. We enrolled in the Integrative Psychiatry Institute's fellowship program to begin our formal training as Integrative Practitioners.  

I believe that our mind, body, and spirituality are intimately interconnected. Our beliefs, values, and experiences impact our daily habits, decisions, and actions. I genuinely look forward to working with my patients and helping them navigate a journey to better health! 

I live along the upper Texas coast with my husband, four children, and dogs. I enjoy homeschooling my kids, shelling, and fishing. I'm deeply rooted in my Christian faith and love my local church family.    

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I have been treating patients in private practice since completing my psychiatric residency in 2012. While medical school and residency provided a firm foundation for me to begin my clinical work, my natural inclination to explore, make connections, and find patterns led me to advanced training in psychoanalytic therapy as well as trauma and dissociation. As I began working with more and more individuals, the generalizability of our psyche's stress response struck me, and I began to understand health in a different way. Mental health, just like physical health, requires a balance between resources and demands. The biological correlate to psychological stress is inflammation, resulting from acute or chronic challenges to our natural and preferred state of being. These processes work not only in parallel, but they also interweave with each other in obvious and sometimes subtle ways. As I explored more of these connections, it became increasingly apparent to me that optimal psychic wellness cannot exist in the absence of physiologic wellness. It became a natural extension for me to return to a more fundamental exploration of the body, its biochemistry, and its interconnected systems, which I had enjoyed in my training and feared I would be sacrificing when I chose to pursue my passion for psychiatry.

I decided to begin a more definitive integration of my conceptualization of these mental and physical processes by enrolling in the Integrative Psychiatry Institute's Fellowship Program. My training there has enabled me to enrich my work with psychiatric patients and to serve them more effectively, with a more complete understanding of the gut-brain connection, inflammatory and immune pathways, endocrine systems, and nutrition. Having a functional, science-based explanation for the myriad processes that my intuition had begun to discern through years of observations has been enlightening and enlivening. Depth-oriented medicine requires precisely the kind of curiosity, patience, openness, and discernment that depth-oriented psychotherapy requires, as this is the only way to discover those imbalances that we have learned to compensate for and partially cover up.

Founding Your Wellness Practice has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my career, as it represents a commitment to further evolving my own wholeness as a body-mind physician. I am thrilled to be partnering with Megan in this practice, who brings experience in primary care and a passion for patient-centered and nuanced work. I view the joining of our perspectives and experiences as a synergistic integration, which I hope will benefit many patients to come, as they join us in the Practice. 


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New location coming soon! We will soon be opening an additional practice location in Galveston, TX to serve the Bay Area.

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