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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Why An Integrative Approach?

We are all coping with a chronic stress response to some degree as we navigate daily life.  When we have “good enough” health, this stress response is effective at helping us prioritize, energize, respond, and adapt on a cellular level within our bodies as well as more generally in our psyche as we make choices that support wellbeing.  When things go awry, we begin to have symptoms such as sleep disruption, depression, anxiety, attention and memory disturbances, aches and pains, fatigue, weight gain, GI upset, elevations in blood pressure, weakening of our immune response and more frequent infections, to name a few. 

We have countless data to support the comorbidity of mental and physical illness, and multiple diagnoses within a single individual are the norm rather than an exception.  This is both a statement of the limitations of our diagnostic systems as well as a sign of our times, as we routinely induce ourselves to take on more than we can reasonably manage.


What are the sources of this stress?  They could be anything we come in contact with: traumatic and difficult life experiences, the food we eat, the products and substances we use or abuse, toxins or allergens in the environment, and infections are all common sources.  Things go wrong when the stressors/toxins outstrip our bodies’ capacities, either because of a functional “glitch” in our biology or genetics, or because of an undue environmental burden. 

The work of a functional and integrative approach becomes identifying the root causes of this mismatch between what the body and mind have the capacity to handle, and what the environment is demanding.  It requires patience and curiosity to begin to discern the most effective points of intervention for any one individual.  Beginning with your first appointment, we seek to understand you as a whole individual, why you are experiencing what you are experiencing, how your symptoms are interconnected, and how they link, on a deeper level, to a core process. What is the nature of your unique imbalance, and how can we correct it?

As a patient at Your Wellness Practice, we will work with you to move beyond your symptoms to understand a core process.  We offer an array of interventions for body and mind designed to disrupt your current cycle of distress and restore you to a foundation of wellbeing.


Image by Jeremy Bishop
Image by Leonardo de Assis

"This practice is going to help a lot of people. The amazing ladies who run it are experienced in a wide array of medicine...this includes promotion of gut health, lab testing to discover sensitivities, balancing diet, etc. What was once considered new age is now essential in our daily health."


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