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Our Team

Who We Are

Bengi B. Melton, M.D.

Integrative Psychiatrist

Dr. Melton is a board-certified integrative psychiatrist specializing in the assessment and treatment of adults. Being a physician for 31 years, she spent three decades learning and practicing psychiatry.  She has lived in Houston, Texas since 2000 beginning with her psychiatry residency training at Baylor College of Medicine. Her philosophy blends both western allopathic diagnosis and treatment models as well as eastern philosophies.

"My goal is to help each person find a balance that works best for them to achieve their individual goals. I always enjoy spending extra time with my patients to get to know them as a whole person. I strive to learn about treatments which can help beyond the traditional treatments."

Dr. Melton completed fellowships in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychiatry. She completed research in posttraumatic stress disorder and suicidal behaviors. Her other clinical interests include posttraumatic growth, women's mental health, working with LGBTQIA and HIV positive individuals, and reducing stigma and improving access to mental health treatment.  She incorporates evidence-based psychotherapies such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and in the past several years she has been expanding her knowledge and practice in ketamine treatment and other psychedelics.

Dr. Melton is passionate about discovering nature, traveling, hiking, practicing, and teaching yoga and yoga-nidra meditation.

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Megan Vardeman, PA-C

Clinic Director

Functional Wellness Provider

Megan attended PA school in West Texas at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, graduated with her Master's degree in 2012, and began practicing medicine in 2013. She worked in Internal Medicine, Primary Care, and Pediatric Surgery before pursuing a fellowship with the Integrative Psychiatry Institute.  Megan co-founded YWP to provide more personalized, integrative, and depth-oriented care to those who seek it. 

"The realities I encountered during those initial years of practice led to my passion to look further and to recognize that the deep answers lie outside of traditional medicine. I believe that our mind, body, and spirituality are intimately interconnected. Our beliefs, values, and experiences impact our daily habits, decisions, and actions. I genuinely look forward to working with my patients and helping them navigate a journey to better health." 

Megan works with patients to provide wellness consultations, lifestyle and health coaching, functional testing and diagnosis, ketamine infusions, and IV nutritional therapy.

Megan lives along the upper Texas coast with her husband, four children, and dogs. She enjoys homeschooling her kids, shelling, and fishing. She is deeply rooted in her Christian faith and loves her local church family.    

Bobbie Russell, LCSW


Bobbie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2017. She has extensive training and experience in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and supports YWP in its integrative mission by providing ketamine-assisted psychotherapy as well as more traditional and eclectic psychotherapeutic modalities.  Her approach is client centered, which means she will work together with you to formulate a treatment plan according to your needs and preferences.  Bobbie is experienced in evidence-based approaches such as Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing, Transpersonal Psychology, Geek Therapy, and Harm Reduction Psychotherapy.


When Bobbie is not encouraging experiential learning and self-directed enrichment as a parent, you can often find her crafting or gaming. She is also an animal lover, and cares for a small menagerie of cats, ball pythons, axolotls, and various fish.  

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Wendellyn Young, FNP-C

IV Nutrition and Ketamine Provider

Wendellynn Young, FNP-C graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Working as a highly skilled bedside nurse for 20 years, she was able to balance quality patient care with building connections of trust and empathy to facilitate comfort for her patients and their families. During this time she was widely recognized and awarded for her bedside manner and patient advocacy. Her passion for her work inspired her to pursue her master's degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. She holds a Masters of Science from the University of Texas Arlington and is board certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. As a nurse practitioner, she has developed her skills in promoting health and wellness with certifications in intravenous nutrition, injectables, and aesthetics. 


Wendellynn provides compassionate care to her patients, enthusiastically helping them to achieve and maintain their health goals. She brings her warmth and skill to our patients receiving ketamine infusions and IV nutrition. 


In her spare time, Wendellynn enjoys being a great mom to three beautiful children, traveling, exploring and learning about other cultures. 

Kriste Babbitt, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Babbitt has been treating patients in private practice since completing her residency in Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine in 2012.  She completed fellowships in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and the Integrative Psychiatry Institute's Certified Integrative Psychiatric Provider program, and has extensive training in trauma-related disorders. 
"Mental health, just like physical health, requires a balance between resources and demands. The biological correlate to psychological stress is inflammation, resulting from acute or chronic challenges to our natural and preferred state of being. These processes work not only in parallel, but they also interweave with each other in obvious and sometimes subtle ways. As I explored more of these connections, it became increasingly apparent to me that optimal psychic wellness cannot exist in the absence of physiologic wellness." 

Dr. Babbitt co-founded YWP to integrate depth-oriented approaches to functional and physical wellness  with depth-oriented psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services, and she enjoys supporting her fellow YWP clinicians in this mission from behind-the-scenes.


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