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We believe in the value of ketamine as a rapidly-acting antidepressant, and more broadly in the benefits of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.  Currently ketamine is the only FDA-cleared medication that can be used off-label for psychedelic psychotherapy, although we are eager to welcome the use of additional modalities when the time comes.  

We offer ketamine infusions as well as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy as part of our integrative approach, and we can talk with you about your needs and whether you might be a candidate for one of these treatment approaches.

To help you get started, we have included some information below on ketamine itself as well as our services. 

About Ketamine

Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)

How We Are Different

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About Ketamine

Ketamine is a well researched anesthetic agent that has been used safely and effectively to treat a variety of mental health concerns, addictive disorders, and physical medical conditions.  For those who are seeking to deepen a psychotherapeutic process and become more fully in touch with themselves as they work through stuck patterns and symptoms, we provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.  All of what we offer can be customized and integrated to fit your needs. 


But first, how does ketamine work?


Ketamine can provide symptom relief and create space for solidifying new patterns of thinking, feeling, and responding to daily stressors through multiple effects on the brain.  By blocking receptors for glutamate, the most prevalent excitatory signaling chemical in the brain, we observe a subsequent increase in release of glutamate into the space between cells.  This has a cascade of effects and ultimately triggers release of brain derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF.  BDNF is a key player in neuroplasticity, which helps to restore normal connectivity between key brain regions.  The activity of the Default Mode Network (DMN) then dampens and diminishes, which can be felt as a lessening of obsessive and negative thinking.  As old stuck patterns begin to loosen up, and new connections form, the brain has the opportunity to transform over time into a healthier baseline state.  

The mechanism of ketamine, which is so different from that of traditional antidepressant medications, has inspired research into its various clinical applications.  Its impact on neuroplasticity, in particular, suggests potential use in treating traumatic brain injury, and, when in a controlled environment and paired with a recovery program, disorders of addiction.  Much of this research is still unfolding.

You can also take a look at our ketamine information packet for more detailed information.

A peak into ketamine in the popular news media:

Drawing up ketamine for injection

The Washington Post article: "Nothing seemed to treat their depression.  Then they tried ketamine."

Ketamine IV bag

CBS New York news report: "Ketamine gaining popularity as treatment for alcoholism"

Ketamine Infusions

At YWP, we use intravenous ketamine as adjunctive treatment for treatment-resistant Major Depressive Disorder, depressive phases of Bipolar Disorder, suicidality, severe anxiety disorders, OCD, and PTSD.  We have also observed significant benefit with ketamine treatments in addictive disorders, as a means of priming the brain to learn new patterns of response and coping, and to disrupt the experience of painful symptoms that can fuel addictive behaviors. 


Because we understand ketamine's effects on the brain and the importance of the surge in nerve cell growth and connectivity, we support this process by following all ketamine infusions with high-dose Vitamin C intravenously, as an antioxidant, in an effort to enhance ketamine's antidepressant and neuroplastic benefits.

Research consistently demonstrates improvement in depressive symptoms and suicidal thinking with the first infusion, but these effects are temporary, and a proper schedule of induction and maintenance is necessary to ensure ongoing benefit.


We believe that ketamine infusions are most effective in the context of intentional self-care and an integrative wellness plan that includes psychotherapy and working toward a balanced lifestyle.  We provide lifestyle coaching, functional testing, and traditional psychiatry and psychotherapy.  We are also available to coordinate with your existing mental health providers to ensure a supportive and connected team approach.

Pricing starts at: $550 per infusion.

Standard induction protocol is 2 infusions per week for 3 weeks.

We are then able to space out infusions gradually over time, observing for the minimum necessary frequency to maintain your recovery.

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication that has been medically validated as a means of achieving a psychedelic state.  You may have noticed more buzz in the news media about psychedelics and how they can be of benefit in ways that seem to extend beyond traditional psychotherapies.  At YWP, we believe that ketamine is useful not only for symptom relief, but also as a mechanism of real psychic change, self-exploration, and enhanced awareness.  

We have observed patients begin to shift lifelong patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating with the aid of KAP and the subsequent therapeutic integration work.  We also frequently observe an improved connection to the body, general sense of acceptance, and clarity.  Communities interested in psychedelic medicine theorize that the mystical and psychedelic experience itself initiates these changes by expanding one's conscious experience to "right size" our egoic concerns, which can intrude into life in unhelpful and extreme ways.  We also believe firmly in the importance of therapeutic integration, which begins with the KAP session and extends between sessions in your own reflective practice and in psychotherapy.  The open and plastic state created by ketamine can be respected and incorporated into intentional change.

How exactly do ketamine infusions and KAP differ?

Ketamine Infusions

  • 90 minutes of treatment and observation.

  • Observed by medical staff, such as a nurse or nurse practitioner.

  • Intravenous route of administration.

  • IV access provides more consistent levels of exposure to ketamine over the course of the session and provides a direct route for managing side effects such as blood pressure elevations.​

  • Infusions are followed by high dose IV Vitamin C as an antioxidant to support nerve cell connection formation.  We provide the option of additional IV nutrition if indicated or desired.

  • Induction phase of 6 treatments over 3 weeks​.​

  • Ideal for: patients who are in urgent need of symptom reduction, or who are trying to avoid a higher level of care.  Has the best data for treatment of severe psychiatric illness and suicidal ideation.​

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

  • 3 hours of treatment, observation, and psychotherapeutic process.

  • Psychotherapist present throughout, with clinical staff present for medical clearance and dose administration.

  • Intravenous or Intramuscular (injection) route of administration available.

  • Injection provides more rapid onset and offset of ketamine's effects, highlighting egoic dissolution and minimizing the medical "feel" of the process.​​

  • Mindfulness practice, somatic inquiry, and psychotherapy support the process surrounding the medication experience. EMDR can be integrated.

  • Induction phase typically 3-6 KAP sessions over 6 weeks.​

  • Ideal for: those working on problematic, stuck relational and personality patterns, and who have sufficient clinical stability to "go deeper" into self-inquiry.

How We Are Different

As a psychiatrically-driven, integrative practice, we use our expertise to guide and customize your treatment.  In addition to our standard protocols for ketamine infusions and KAP, we can create hybrid approaches to better address your unique needs.

Functional Wellness

We provide education and recommendations on how nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements can support the ketamine process.

Psychotherapeutic Integration

We offer a complete ketamine-assisted psychotherapy experience, or we can tailor your IV treatments to ensure additional therapeutic support.


As an integrative psychiatry practice, we provide a thorough assessment, consider root causes, and can advise as to whether other approaches may be warranted before investing in ketamine treatment.

Specialty and Genetic Testing

Specialty testing can provide information about your anticipated response to ketamine and whether you may require additional interventions.

Private, Welcoming Treatment Rooms

Treatment set and setting are important components in the healing process.  Our rooms are private and designed for your comfort, with music, lighting, and weighted blankets ideally suited to psychedelic treatment.

Individually Curated

Protocols serve as the starting point for treatment planning, but our wide array of services allow us to meet your clinical needs wherever they may be with a curated approach.  We believe in personalized, not "assembly line" medicine.

IV Nutrition

Depression can impact self-care and nutrition status.  In addition to our standard Vitamin C support, we can advise on the utility of additional micronutrients to aid in your healing.

1:1 Staff Support

Your therapist or medical provider attends to you throughout the treatment, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Validated Outcome Measures

All patients receive the convenience and precision of electronic symptom monitoring, which empowers you to directly observe your progress, and enables us to respond better to your evolving needs.

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"This practice is going to help a lot of people. The amazing ladies who run it are experienced in a wide array of medicine...this includes promotion of gut health, lab testing to discover sensitivities, balancing diet, etc. What was once considered new age is now essential in our daily health."


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