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Nutritional IV and Shot Menu

All of our recipes have been thoughtfully curated to promote health and wellbeing. They include different blends of high quality compounded vitamins, including vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins, and calcium. Some formulations include NAD+, taurine, glutathione, or folic acid. In addition to what is offered below, our selections can be further adjusted and formulated to your unique needs. Just ask!

All prices listed apply to in-office infusions and injections, and to concierge services in the Galleria, River Oaks, and Sugar Land area.  In-home infusions may be subject to an additional travel fee of $50, depending on the service.

Image by Monika Grabkowska
Image by Leonardo de Assis

"This practice is going to help a lot of people. The amazing ladies who run it are experienced in a wide array of medicine...this includes promotion of gut health, lab testing to discover sensitivities, balancing diet, etc. What was once considered new age is now essential in our daily health."


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